Better Moon - a little better place
Eco-friendly guesthouse and cafe in Bangkok with Refill Station. Zeo-waste lifestyle




We’ve approached every detail with the care. 
• You can wash your cloth at the rooftop (THB20 for the machine)

03-Our common area with natural light, please don't bring foam or plastic inside.jpg

pantry and green space

Let yourself be embraced by green space. Pantry with free coffee and tea. Refrigerator and microwave for your food.

06-We located at Better Moon cafe at Sukhumvit77:1.jpg

BETTEr moon cafe

In house cafe with homemade menu. Good for health and delicious from Thai ingredient. We only serve what we love. Guests can have breakfast here. see more

08-Refill station project to reduce plastic waste, Thailand's first bulk store started here.jpg

Refill station

Thailand's first bulk store started the project here to help people live low-waste life-style. Since plastic waste has been a serious problem in Thailand, we provide the path for people to reduce waste. find more at

15_We try to reduce plastic waste, please try not to bring foam and plastic inside.jpg

Happy place, happy place

Our guests and customers can borrow our utensils to buy our neighbour dishes to reduce plastic waste. Please don't bring foam or plastic inside if it is not necessary.



No smoking in house (THB2,000 fine)
No shoe in house
Don't make loud noise.
Keep clean
Don't bring durian or smelly items in house